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How to Photograph Your Dog

As a dog owner, there will be plenty of moments you spend with your dog that you will want to document. The easiest way to do this is to take perfect photographs to send to loved ones and share on social media. When you see well-curated photographs of dogs on your Instagram feeds, it all looks very easy, but you’ll find that as soon as you try to take your own, it’s not as straightforward as you might think. Dogs have a tendency to move around uncontrollably, ruining a perfectly nice photograph with the back of their head, or a wide open mouth when they bark.

The most important thing about photographing your dog is to create an environment where they are comfortable. There is no point in getting the right photograph if you have upset or made your dog feel uneasy in the process. The best photographs will come out when you are both relaxed, having fun and enjoying your time together. Think about activities your dog really enjoys doing; maybe it’s running around in big open fields, hopping around in puddles on a rainy day, or cuddling up on the sofa in the evening. Utilise these moments to get the best images of your dog because their happiness will shine through in the photos.

Think about the best timings to take the best photo. If you are wanting to take photographs of your dog on a walk after they’ve been kept inside all day, your dog will be over energetic and you’ll find it hard to get them to sit still for a moment to get the right picture. For these days, you could consider dog day care London services, who will walk and pamper your dog while you’re at work, returning them to you relaxed and ready for a perfect photoshoot in the afternoon.

As well as creating the right environment, perhaps you would also want to think about bringing in extra props to join your dog in their photographs. If your pet loves their squeaky play toy, or a specific blanket or soft toy, include this in the frame to make your dog feel comfortable. Perhaps the toy is quite old and not looking its best, but this doesn’t matter, your pet has loved and cherished this toy and these moments of them playing with it will bring out a joy in your dog that you will want to capture.

Once you have found the right environment, and your dog is happy, now is the time to get your camera out and take the perfect shot. It’s crucial to remember in these moments, however, that the photograph is for you and not your dog. They probably won’t be best pleased to wait around for ages while you take a hundred photographs. Try to take the photo as quickly as possible to avoid your pet getting bored which can lead to irritation. Generally, the best photo will be the first one you take anyway, so make sure everything is set up for this optimum photograph from the start.

Once you have taken the perfect photograph, reward your dog with treats and let them know they’ve done a great job. If you can reward them every time they pose perfectly for your photos, then they will continue to do it and you’ll end up with more photos that you’ll know what to do with!

Pet Accessories

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Use petsmart coupons to groom your furry friend

Dog and cat are the most common pet animals. These have been raised by people in large number. There are different species of dogs and cats that people have been raising at home. There are some dogs that require proper grooming to make them look beautiful as well as healthy. Some people used to take their furry friends to pet stores for getting them groomed well. If they like to save some money on this service, they can use Petsmart Grooming Coupons. These coupons can reduce the cost of service to some appreciable level. Pet owners have to check the pet salon online, check the prices and book online. Then they can use the coupons to have offer on salon or grooming service. Before they use the coupon on a pet service provider they have to sign up and tell something about the pet such as the breed name and age.

Buy treats and toys for your pet

If you have a dog, you can present him or her playtime toys for chewing and cuddling with. They can find a wide range of toys available at pet online stores. They can shop toys that are safe to be used by animals. Experts suggest pet owners to give tasty treats and make the pet stay happy always. Dogs become more active when it is given a new and tasty treat. Soon the dogs become bored of playing with the same toy. They can be given new toys to play with. Pet owners can make use of the coupons to enjoy discounts and offers on pet supplies. This means they can feel happy not only for raising the pet healthy as well as saving their money. Even they can use the coupons to enjoy deals on pet services such as training, pets hotel, grooming, camp and health care check up. There are hotels for pets to treat them. You can book for a table using the coupons. All they need to do is searching for the best service provider. Then they have to check if the coupons are available or applicable on the service offered by the pet service provider.