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What To Expect At The Feeding Sessions Of Your Pet Kittens

Feeding the pet at home is no less than a half an hour long episode full of different colors. Cats have an attitude and they show it, too, unabashedly. They use manipulation a lot to get their way. A hungry cat can be confused with a cat in pain because of the way they cry. The cat crying out of hunger cries in a persistent manner in a bit higher than normal pitch. Still, you have to wait a while to be fully sure that this is a hunger call and not that one of distress. The other sign shown will be vigorous rubbing of feet with the toes, so that they have your attention.

Common behaviors to expect during feeding session of cat

Cats show some typical attitude which is typical to them. They are fastidious and can give a tough time at the first go. Even if they show liking for some food, or exhibit enthusiasm, the very first reaction is to smell it and show signs of dilemma. So, don’t panic when the cat turns away from the food; she does come back the next moment or after a few of them. Patience is the big key to making cat feeding successful.

Other weird habits of cats while eating include:

  1. Pouncing upon the food like hungry wolf and eating voraciously. It is only a sign of excitement. So, never overstuff the bowl thinking this to be a sign of extreme hunger. Cats are quite capable of sending you off the guilt trip for the crimes you have not done, mind it!
  2. Picking up the big chunk in one go. Some cats will have the mouthful of food filled and then they run off to enjoy the munching till they come back for another round. Be prepared to make a big eating area or you will find the feeding hour to be the messiest one of the house.
  3. Some cats show hideous behavior. They eat only when they think no one is watching. So, if this is the pattern shown, just fill the bowl of cat food and that of water too, and get back to your business. Your loving kitten will finish her meal responsibly and may come down to you to play or to show some sign of affection.
  4. Penchant for wet food only and dry food only: As a normal practice, you keep separate bowls for dry and wet food. Kittens show the enthusiasm only for the wet foods and sometimes for dry foods only. But, things become more difficult when they want both dry and wet foods. You need working on various combinations to win the heart of your fussy, furry gal. But when succeeded, she will make it obvious with purrs and licks. The other way of introducing kittens to all kinds of foods is by making varying combinations of wet and dry foods. Also, do not hesitate in adding vibrancy and crunch, they can mellow down seeing at colors and experiencing the yummy flavors.

That look of friendliness for sharing your fork is to be fought

Human nature is full of love naturally. It responds lovingly to all the gestures of love and affection. The cats show their sweetest self when you are into your plate of food. That one look is sure to compel you to share whatever you are eating. But, you have to fight off this feeling of sharing and caring for the pet’s own good. Especially with kittens, your vigil attitude is required more. As a newbie, kittens may not know what is good for them and can simply be carried away by the newness of smell or look. So, even when you are at your loveliest self, make sure you are not sharing these food items with your lovely companion:

  1. Garlic and onion
  2. Raw eggs and fish
  3. Grapes and raisins
  4. Processed meats full of fat
  5. Simple gluten bread

You kittens’ bodies do not derive any goodness from these foods; these harm them instead. More information and best cat food products can be found by meeting the experts or referring to pet blogs. This is a must to be comfortable with what to expect at the feeding time of kittens.