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How to Identify Seizures in Pets?

When pets get injured or sick, pet parents become worried and anxious. And when the problem is seizures, it’s usual for them to get frightened. Seizures are an indication that something is affecting the brain of the pet. Thus, one must bring their pets to Virginia Beach veterinary hospital if they experience bouts of seizures and fits.

Contrary to what many believe, seizures are a symptom of an ailment and not a disorder itself. Since many things can cause abnormalities in the brain, pets may experience seizures due to various reasons. Also, not all animals lose consciousness and tremble when they get seizures. There are different types of seizures in animals, and each is caused due to different things. Being a pet parent, it’s essential to be aware of all the types and signs of seizures.

When it comes to the main types of seizures in pets, the main types of seizures are,

  • Generalized- In generalized seizures, both sides of the brain gets affected. Jerks and twitches accompany the seizure in the whole body with loss of consciousness.
  • Focal- In focal seizures, only a small part of the brain is affected. It may affect certain parts of the body or hinder some body functions.
  • Focal with secondary generalization- If not treated in time, focal seizures can escalate into generalized seizures.

How to identify seizures in pets?

Identifying seizures in pets is not easy. Focal seizures are hard to recognize as compared to generalized seizures. Moreover, seizure in one pet may look different than others. Some common signs that can help you identify seizures in pets are mentioned below.

Before experiencing a seizure, your pet may act abnormally. The post-seizures phase is often indicated as an aura.

  • Salivation or drooling
  • Lying on the side
  • Jaw chomping
  • Paddling ‘
  • Uncontrolled defecation or urination
  • Vocalization
  • Blankly staring into space
  • Twitching of body part

Soon after the seizure is over, the pet slips into the state of confusion or disorientation for several hours.

Most often, pets experience bouts of fits while they are asleep or resting. In some pets, the seizure may last for a few seconds to a few minutes. In rare cases, some pets may experience the state of epilepticus wherein the seizure lasts longer than five minutes. Such pets also can’t fully recover between seizures. If your pet also experiences epilepticus fits, take him to the veterinarian Virginia Beach VA.

What to do when your pet experiences seizures?

Keeping your pet safe while they experience seizure should be your priority. Ensure that your pet is in a safe place, or they don’t fall and get injured while having a seizure. Always keep your hand and face away from your pet’s jaw as involuntary jaw movements may hurt you.

Whenever your pet gets seizure, start the timer. Knowing how long the seizure lasts and at what time it intensifies will help your doctor make an accurate diagnosis.

If your pet has experienced a seizure for the first time, rush them to Virginia Beach veterinary hospital.

Pet Health

What to Include in a Health Check-up for your Dog

Pets age at a faster rate than humans. A six months old frisky puppy is ten years equivalent of human years. Hence, it is not surprising that age-related ailments tend to set in way earlier in our furry friends than we often think.

As pet owners to ensure your four-legged friend, enjoy a full, healthy and happy life in the time they have with you, it is essential to provide them with proper nutrition, a safe, clean environment and of course, regular health checks at home and your vet’s.

But what are the things to keep an eye out for when you take your pet to the vet’s office?

When you bring your pet to the vet’s office for the first time, you are going to answer a couple of questions which will help the caregiver establish baseline health metrics for your pup.

It is also an opportunity to express any concerns you may have about your pet. Remember also to ask questions on things that are not clear to you. It would help if you were up to speed with how best to care for your animal.

Here are some of the most important things to include in a health checkup for your dog.

Dental health check

While on the surface, your dog’s teeth might appear healthy, you might miss the brown tartar building up gradually, especially on the back teeth.

You may want to visit a dog dentist to examine your pet’s teeth, including checking for redness along the gum-teeth margins, nasty smells and lumps on or under the tongue.

Your vet will also check for broken teeth, stains around the lips which could be signs of deeper issues, excessive salivation and ulcers around the mouth.

Ears, Nose and Eyes Checks

Your vet will physically look over your pet to see if there are any abnormalities present. Usually, the dog’s eyes are bright. Abnormally teary and cloudy eyes might be symptoms of something more serious.

For most healthy dogs, you will notice a gradual build-up of a blackish residue; this is normal and perfectly fine.

However, if you notice yellow or green discharge, excessive teary eyes, or your dog’s squinting one or both eyes, which may mean it is painful these are telltale signs that something is not right.

Your dog’s nose is usually cold and wet, but if you notice it is warm and perhaps a bit dry while everything else seems fine, you do not need to worry.

You may also want to check for sores or discharge around the nose.

Look and smell inside your dog’s ears to see if you notice any redness, unpleasant smell, and or black flaky discharge.

Skin and fur checks

Running fingers through your dog’s coat helps to see if you can feel any lumps. Check for spots with hair loss, rashes, discolourations or sores.

While you are at it, check for evidence of fleas and ticks even if you regularly treat them -these critters often leave bits of soot-like droppings.

Urine and Blood tests

As part of the wellness checkup, your vet may want to run urine, or blood or faeces tests, especially for older pets.

The analysis of the samples will help your vet determine whether your pet is free from parasite infestation.

Observe dog behaviour

This is probably one of the first things you vet will check when you visit. You should, too, when doing a home health checkup for your dog.

You should pay attention to how your dog walks and stands. Is your pet bright, alert and responsive? Does your dog bark excessively or seem emotionally unstable?

As they say, a healthy dog is a happy dog. By taking your dog for regular health checks, you not only prolong their lives, but you also give them a quality, healthy life.

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Pet Health

Health is Wealth- Understanding the importance of Pet exams to health

Health is indeed wealth not just for humans, but for our beloved pets as well. Remember that our pets obviously age faster than humans and making sure that they get to live out their lives long and healthy can be fulfilling to both pets and their owners.

According to veterinarians from an animal hospital Virginia Beach, dogs and cats approximately age six to eight years of human age during the first year of their lives. This means that their first year is around 18 human years.

A lot of changes can happen internally in pets in a year’s time, which is why it is important to have your pets undergo regular pet exams every six months to detect possible illnesses that may be affecting them and could endanger their lives.

Experts at hiding

Most people are unaware that pets are very good at hiding their illnesses, which is the result of their evolutionary protective instincts by animal ancestors to “hide” an illness and faking it so as not to appear weak or sickly lest they subject themselves to being attacked by predators.

It is, therefore, important to prioritize pet health exams at the nearest veterinary clinic or pet hospital Virginia Beach.

Remember that the level of care your pets receive helps you avoid diseases or illnesses that could affect the health of your bellowed pets and even risk their lives, without you noticing it.

Clean bill of health

Generally, veterinarians from any animal hospital Virginia Beach provide comprehensive diagnostics on the following.

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Nose and throat
  • Skin and coat
  • Paws and legs
  • Teeth, gums, and mouth
  • Abdomen
  • Heart
  • Lungs
  • Gastrointestinal system
  • Neuro-muscular system
  • Urogenital system

Other tests may be conducted which may be appropriate for pets with pre-existing health and medical conditions.

At the end of these exams, owners will receive a diagnostic report that provides the details on findings from the test with recommendations and instructions should your pets require medication.

Why regular pet exams are highly recommended

Any veterinarian from an animal hospital Virginia Beach insist that it’s critical that pet owners do not gamble the health and protection of their pets because aside from the impacts it may have on their health, diseases that are left unchecked could potentially affect the health of their owners as well.

Remember that regular pet wellness exams are recommended in the same way your physician and dentist promotes it in order to detect health problems at its early stages and have it addressed before it gets worse and reaches the point of no return.

Preventive measures are less expensive, less risky, and have better chances of getting eliminated.

Pet Health

Ways to make your cat comfortable at the end of his life

Pets are not only your best companions but also part of your family. If you have cats in your home, it is important to keep them comfortable and happy at every phase of their life including the end of their life. Due to illness or old age, your cats start to show some signs that they are declining. Every one may see that this kind of decline happens quickly or slowly. No one wants their cats to suffer.

How to handle a declining cat?

When the suffering cannot be easily treated like surmountable illness, a pet owner may conclude that putting their cat to simply sleep at their house is a compassionate option. In any instance, if you fail to know how to make the cats comfortable at the end of their life, you can opt for this mobile service. Vetter Pet Car is the specialized platform where you can collect all required pet care details. You can get reliable guidelines for making your pets comfortable at all stages of their life.

Reduce activity and noise around the cat

When your pets are going to the end of their life, it is very essential for them to be fully comfortable in their own space. Cats will require a quiet, calm environment which is completely free of chaos and noisy activity. You can try to move the rest area of your cat to a segment of your home which never gets much noise or activity. You can also allow the pets to select their sleeping place.

Increase the comfort of your cat

Naturally, pets may select the area which will give them quiet and peace they desire. Playing low, soft music for the pets will make them feel comfortable. The bustle and hustle of your daily life affect people to properly handle their cats in the final days. This inappropriate life schedule actually makes the illness of your cats even worse. If you want to avoid the inconvenience, you can make use of this mobile service.

Opt for in-home euthanasia

Saying good-bye to your cats at your house is the stressful and difficult situation in the unique bond with the pets. If you want to handle the process properly, you can make use of Vetter. They are proud to fully take the guesswork out of the process as well as be there for pet owners the complete path. Transporting cats to vet when they are unhealthy is stressful for both pets and pet owners.

Reduce your stress

To avoid the inconvenience, you can opt for the in-home euthanasia services. The main aim of these services is to avoid creating anxiety or discomfort, adding to the stress during a difficult time. They will also come to the home and aids in ending the pet are suffering. The cats can simply stay in their own environment with no stress of traveling. These are the simple procedures, but it helps you to say good-bye to your pet cats in peace as well as at your house. Therefore, having a Vetter can be considered as the best way to make your pet cats comfortable at the end of their life.

Pet Health

How to Administer First Aid to Your Pet in an Emergency

Many a time we are faced with a situation where our pet is in need of medical attention. The best way to avoid the heavy consequence it may bring on you and your pet is to be prepared. It advised by many vets to have a proper first aid kit handy. But having a kit doesn’t guarantee that there will be no emergencies. Thus, it a must learn how to administer first aid to our injured pets.


Move your pet away from objects like TV units, cabinets, furniture as it might hurt them. If your pet is experiencing seizures, do not restrain him. Calculate how long the seizure lasts. Once the seizure has stopped, keep him warm and quiet. Waste no time in getting in touch with your vet.


Muzzle your pet then lay your pet gently on a flat surface. Use a stretcher to transport your pet to the vet. In case you are attempting to set the fracture at home, you can do so my homemade splint. But you should be extra careful while doing so as a badly places splint can result in more harm.

Bleeding (external)

Start off by muzzling your pet.

To stop the bleeding, press a clean, gauze pad on the wound. Press it to until the blood clots. Check every 3 minutes if the bleeding has stopped instead of checking every few seconds. If the bleeding is on legs, apply a tourniquet. Keep loosening the tourniquet for 20 sec. every 30 min. Since uncontrollable bleeding can turn into a life-threatening problem in no time, it is advisable to rush your pet for medical assistance. Keep a vet hospital near me note in your phone with veterinarians and vet clinics contact info and details.


Our pets are curious animals who never refrain themselves from chewing or munching on things. Many a time, they can choke on these things. To know if your pet has chocked, see for difficult breathing, excessive touching of mouth, coughing, blue colored lips.

Be extra cautious while dealing with such pet, they might bite you in panic.

Check into to the mouth of your pet for any foreign object. If you it, try to remove it gently. While using pliers or tweezers, be careful not to push the object further down. If you are still not able to remove the object, it is better to rush him to the vet. Do a quick Google search on veterinary services near me who can assist you at untimely hours.

Heat Stroke

Most pets are not efficient at cooling themselves, making them highly susceptible to heatstroke. If you suspect that your pet is in distress, it could be possibly due to heatstroke. Take their temperature, if it is over 104 degrees Fahrenheit, it could be heat exhaustion. Start off by cooling off your pet. Get him to a cooler area with proper air conditioning. Use cool water to wet him.

Never use ice or cold water as it might cause blood vessels to constrict trapping more heat inside. Once the temperature comes to 103 degrees F, stop the process to avoid overcooling.

Toxin Exposure

Since different toxin exposure situation requires different treatments, there is no one sure way to deal with it. It is safer to call a vet if you suspect that your pet has gotten into the touch of toxins. If it is a case of possible poisoning, you can induce vomiting with 3% hydrogen peroxide. If there is skin contact with any chemical substance like motor oil, it is best advised to wash the chemical way.


If your pet is suffering from severe trauma or shock, he might show you signs like weak pulse, heavy or shallow breathing, nervousness, dazed eyes. Your pet might be in shock due to serious injury or fight. If your pet is unconscious, keep his head level with the rest of the body. Take your pet to the vet immediately.

Pet Health

Planning for a Long and Happy Life with Our Furry Friends

Everyone daydreams about the future every now and then. It’s something that’s fun in a certain sense. And in another sense, it’s a serious process which lets us prioritize the things in our life. By looking at what we want for the future we can work harder to ensure it becomes a reality. But there’s some parts of our future that we tend to take for granted. One of them is the continual health of our loved ones.

Disease, accidents and even aging are just an inevitability of life though. We can’t always count on people being around forever. And attempts to intervene in someone’s health are seldom appreciated. But while we can’t safeguard the health of our special people, we can do that for our furry friends. In fact, one could argue that as pet owners we have a responsibility to help our pets live as long and happy a life as possible.

And it’s worth really considering how long those lives can be. People often think of dogs and cats as fairly short lived. But the maximum lifespan of dogs is usually about 16 years. And the maximum lifespan of cats ranges from between 17 to 30 years. Those numbers might not span the extreme length of a human’s projected maximum lifespan. But it shows that pets can live a very long time under the right circumstances.

This of course leads into the question of how we can help our pets reach their full potential. How do we push the probability of a pet’s average lifespan closer to their potential maximum lifespan? One of the biggest considerations is simply diet and exercise. Much like humans, pets depend on eating properly and getting exercise to stay healthy. It’s vitally important that pet owners try to limit empty calories for their pets. And likewise, it’s important to ensure they’re getting plenty of exercise every day.

If a pet goes outside, then it’s also important to protect him against fleas and other parasites. We tend to think of insects as little more than an annoyance. And to be sure, they are quite annoying for an animal who has them crawling around on its fur. But the greater danger comes from the fact that parasites can transmit a number of diseases to a cat or dog. The best way to guard against the threat will usually be found at the veterinarian’s office. Parasites and other pests are continually developing immunities to various treatments. But vets tend to know what the local wildlife is immune to. And keeping in touch with a veterinarian also means having access to a local animal hospital You can search online for any animal hospital phoenix az in your area.

All of these steps are an important part of keeping animals happy and healthy. And likewise, none of them should be seen as optional. They play off each other to offer a full range of protection for our pets. Exercise and nutrition help pets stay healthy. The visits to the vet act like a checkup would for humans. And when something does slip through these defenses an animal hospital can take more extreme measures to save our pet’s lives.

Pet Health

Tips to Help You Make Your Cat Happy and Healthy

If you love taking care of cats and making them pets at home, there are actually a lot of things that you have to take into consideration before getting a cat and making them new members of the family.

Indeed, you have to be a responsible pet owner before even thinking of buying that cute ragdoll cat in your local pet shop. If you are very much interested in getting a pet cat, here are a few tips that you might find useful in taking care of cats.

  1. Learn a good training technique that will help you house train your pet cat. Keep in mind that you have to learn and study a good technique even before the cat arrives at home. As this is the first thing that you have to do after you bring home that feline, you have to be ready on your part as well.
  2. Learn a few tips on how to stop your cat from scratching your furniture and your carpet. This is one habit of cats that may annoy you, but of course, you can do something about this. There are also techniques that may help you with this. One thing that you can do with this is to have your pet cats de-clawed or purchasing a scratch post and training them to do their scratching only on that post. You can also use a pet repellant spray to control his scratching but of course, you have to check if the spray itself is not damaging your furniture and carpets.
  3. Learn an effective flea-control technique for your cats. Parasites may invade your pet’s skin and furs and that can also be an annoying problem as well. Aside from having an unhealthy animal, parasites at home is not also good especially when small children are around. You can always find a good flea-control product in the market to help you with this. One good tip in taking care of cats that they will not be infested with parasites is to prevent the infestation. Do not wait for the time that you can see fleas, rather, make a move to prevent them from attacking your animals.
  4. Bathe your cat regularly, comb their fur especially those long-haired breeds, and make sure that you shampoo them to remove loose hair and maintain their coat to be free from parasites as well as dirt.
  5. Feed your cat with the right food at the right amount. Aside from giving him the right foods that will give him the best nutrition, it is also important to watch out for the foods that can make him sick or that may be harmful to his health. Also make sure that you do not overfeed your pet to avoid him from diseases related to obesity.

If you have decided to get a cat as your pet at home, it is also important to consider the breed of cat that you want to bring home. This is one thing that you must not ignore as the wrong cat breed can disappoint you. Of course, you have to select a breed that fits your lifestyle as well as the environment at home.

Pet Health

Strategies for Getting the Emotional Support Animal

When you have anxiety or the psychological disorders, it is wise that you look for emotional support animal to assist you to get over your condition. The idea of traveling into a different country may bring all sorts of anxiety and have an animal on board after registration will assist you to be calm. When you’re looking for any pet to assist you to overcome your different kind of the motions, you need to consider the following points.

Register to Find the Emotional Support Letter

When you are planning to fly with the emotional support animal, you must prove to the authorities by giving out a letter to indicate that your suffering from anxiety or depression. Any kind of trauma or depressing condition is a qualifying factor that can make your doctor sign the letter for travel.

Establish the Most Trained Animals You Can Use the Services of The Trained Animals

When you are going for the animal you should ensure that you go for the one that understands to interact with you. There are multiple sites that sell the animals that are trained to ensure that they interact with you better when you are facing any kind of distress. Most Most of The Animals Can Be Used for The Emotional Support of the pets that you have can be trained so that you feel comfortable around them.

Most of The Animals Can Be Used for The Emotional Support

The most common types of animals that are known for their emotional support includes the dogs and the cats but there are also other different types of animals. Some kinds of reptiles such as the lizards and snakes or even birds can be used for the emotional support. Once you’ve acquired the legitimate ESA registration letter from the doctors, you will have an easy time in flying around with any kind of emotional support animal.

Work with The Doctors That Will Identify Your Condition and Easily Award You with The Letter

It is through different kinds of assessment that the doctors can verify you to be a good candidate to travel with an emotional support animal. Most of the doctors will fast analyses the situation and when they find that you are active when exposed to a pet then they will advise it to be used as an emotional support animal.

You Can Register Online for Your ESA Letter

There are multiple doctors who are operating online that can help you to get your ESA letter. Ensure that you answer the questionnaires that will be asked by the doctor to examine your situation and to advise on the best animal to use.

When you’re facing hard times to be happy, it’s advisable that you get an emotional support animal. You should be prepared for the process of as a registration to get the best animal to keep you going throughout your life.

Pet Health

The Side Effects of Giving Pets CBD Oil

Marijuana is widely used across the globe, though under legal limitations due to the availability of hallucinogenic properties which explains as to why CBD oils are preferred for medicinal uses since their extraction involves removal of hallucinogens. In the essence of determining whether CBD oils can be employed in enhancing dogs’ health, professional veterinarians have come up with concrete health solutions that entail to assure the excellent health benefits linked with CBD oils to dogs since some medicines can lead to kidney, tract, and liver damage. Consequently, dog owners with an urge of enhancing the health of dogs should not worry about the effects of CBD oil on dogs knowing very well that a research show that CBD oils assure quality benefits as regards to health.

The important idea behind CBD oils is the reality that they are offered in exclusive options for the dog owners to provide a quick healing to their lovely dogs for varied diseases that may incorporate; digestive problems such as nausea, seizures, arthritis, anxiety and stress. Dogs with excessive body weights can easily achieve unhealthy body shapes due to increased appetite not forgetting that others can boost their appetite to an extent of helping the dog holders to maintain perfect body weights for their dogs. Most often, CBD oils can assure sedation effects to the dogs to a level of assuring a relaxed mood which may be exaggerated if the god is more sensitive to CBD oils which may end-up assuring them with a lethargic condition.

Moreover, dog owners can seek consultations with veterinarians so as to reveal the effects of CBD oils to the specific dogs so as to be assured with relevant adjustments to the dosage which may be a crucial way of maintain healthy dogs. It is undoubtedly true that qualified veterinarians ensure that they keep updated on latest health information concerning animals to an extent of assuring dog owners with satisfactory guidelines as regards to CBD oil administration to dogs since they also hold long-term experience. Dog owners can easily liaise with the best CBD oil suppliers so as to be assured with matchless delivery services such as free shipping options making it easier for dog owners to receive their orders timely and in safe conditions.

You can easily get CBD oils as well as their impacts on animals from the superior websites that hold custom features so as to choose the right CBD oil options, make orders with ease, seek more information about dogs and receive frequent updates from any comfort zone. In conclusion, subscription of magazines, audios and videos with details as regards to effects of CBD oils on dogs is often assured at comparatively reduced prices as well enjoyable discounts making it easier to afford with ease so as to learn more.