Pet Care

A Guide to Bringing Home a Puppy

If you and your family have decided to introduce a four-legged member into your lives, there is much to consider. Assuming you have selected a suitable breed and fully understand the responsibilities that are part and parcel of dog ownership, here are a few tips of how best to introduce a puppy to its new home.

Essential Items

Prior to the puppys arrival, you will need to acquire the following:

  • Collar & ID Tag
  • Leash
  • Water & Food Bowl
  • Bedding
  • Food & Treats


With a 24 hour vets in Gloucester, booking in the puppy for his vaccinations won’t be an issue, and you might want to consider taking out some form of pet insurance, which could come in very handy. The puppy should be microchipped as a matter of course, and should he ever get lost, you can be contacted.

The Arrival

Whether from a dog rescue, or a breeder, bringing your pet home for the first time can be a little stressful for the puppy. It is important to introduce him to his bed area, while showing him where his litter tray is kept and remaining there with him until he does his business. Treats should be given when he does something right, and he will soon learn the rules (something you and the family need to decide on).

Just like a child, a puppy responds best to consistent behaviour, and reward him when he is good, which will help him to work out what you want from him. It is important to get him accustomed to the leash as soon as possible, and establish a routine for exercise, and always remember to be consistent.

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