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Allergic To Cats But Want To Own One? Here Are Some Tips!

Finding out that you are allergic to cats as a cat lover can be devastating. Maybe you found out you were allergic after bringing your new cat home or maybe you have dealt with allergies for years. If you want to own a cat if you’re allergic, there are many things you can do to make this possible. Below are 6 helpful tips from The Refined Feline for owning a cat if you’re allergic

Tip #1: Always Check With Your Doctor First

The majority of allergies to cats are pretty mild and manageable in comparison to food and environmental allergies. Still, it’s important to check with your doctor before bringing a cat home if you know you have allergies. Make sure that there aren’t any medical concerns related to your allergies and that they are not life threatening. Doctors usually recommend getting tested for other allergies while you’re there so that they can see the full picture. Then, your doctor can offer an allergy medication if needed.

Tip #2: Your Allergies Will Vary By Cat

Allergies are triggered by a protein found in cat’s saliva, skin, and hair. Unbeknownst to many people, males cats create more of this protein than others. This is also the case with certain breeds of cats. On the other hand, Siberian cats, Javanese cats, Balinese cats, and Oriental Shorthair cats are considered hypoallergenic by many because they secrete less of the allergen. Hairless cats like the Sphynx or Rex are the preferred options for many people with allergies. The reactions to each breed of cat really vary from person to person though. A cat that sheds less though is usually your best bet, no matter what breed it is. Cats also produce more of the allergen protein when they’re not fixed. So, getting cats neutered or spayed plays a part as well.

Tip #3: Learn To Love Cleaning

Cleaning is not a favorite pastime of many, but if you have allergies you must learn to love it. It’s no surprise that taking the vacuum to your floors often will greatly reduce your allergies. Removing all of that excess hair from your floor will make a noticeable difference. Cat hair tends to collect fast, on soft and carpeted surfaces it’s even worse. Bedding and blankets should be washed weekly, both the ones that belong to you as well as your cats. This will really increase the breathability in of your home. 

Having hard floors free of carpeting will benefit someone with allergies too since they are easier to clean. Investing in furniture that is like suede or leather feeling will make ridding your home of dander easier too. You should know first if these are materials that your cat is attracted to and will scratch before you spend a ton on new furniture though. Robotic vacuums made for pet hair will also aid in reducing your work.

Tip #4: Invest In Cat Furniture Without Carpeting

Your cat’s furniture should have minimal carpeting and be easy to clean just like your furniture. Most cat trees covered in carpet are nightmares for people with allergies. Having smooth hard surfaces for cats to loung and play on reduces the never ending build up of cat hair.

The Refined Feline designs cat furniture from durable materials like metal and wood. The soft parts like cushions, berber carpets, and sisal scratch pads are removable for easy cleaning or replacement. These cat trees offer cats endless places to play on but won’t hold onto additional hair that will fly around your house. They are also modern and made to blend right in with the aesthetic of any home. 

Tip #5: Try Cat Food Designed To ReduceAllergies

Purina ProPlan LiveClear Cat Food is a new food that helps to reduce the amount of the allergy inducing protein that cats produce. These proteins decrease by an average of 47% after only 3 weeks on this diet. The food even comes in multiple types like an Indoor Formula, Weight Management, and many more.   

Tip #6: Add Air Purifiers To Your Home

Cleaner air is better air, it’s as simple as that. Adding an air purifier to your home can help remove allergens that cause a reaction. Hair, dander, and dust are reduced therefore improving the quality of the air overall. Some cleaning will still be necessary, though air purifiers will definitely help. Many types are available, so definitely do some research before making a purchase. Make sure that the one you pick is made for the size of the room it’s going in. You may even have to invest in more than just one air purifier to see a noticeable difference in your home.

If You’re Allergic To Cats, Follow These Tips To Happily Own A Cat!

Most cat allergies are mild and are not a deal breaker if you are determined to have a cat in your home. Abiding by these 7 tips can help you manage your allergies and live a happier life with your cat. These tips, if you’re allergic to cats but want to own one, will dramatically help so that you can enjoy life with your cats.

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