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Canine Well-Being: The Importance of the Right Stimulation

Dogs, like people, need mental stimulation, and learning and experiencing new things is an important part of growing up, even for a dog. Put yourself in the same position; seeing the same four walls day in day out, in a routine that never changes, and it wouldn’t be too long before you would become bored. If your dog is exhibiting bad behaviour in any way, this could be down to the monotony of his routine.

Mental Stimulation

To stimulate your dog mentally, you take him out every day, with perhaps some variation in the destination or route you take. Dogs are incredibly aware and have fantastic scent abilities, and new sights, sounds and smells will keep him mentally engaged. Many dog owners ask their vet, “How do I keep my dog from getting bored?” The answer is to give his daily routine some diversity, and with lots of exercise, the dog’s behaviour problems would disappear, and he would be content. Playing games with your dog is a great idea and they are a lot smarter than some would think. If he has his toys, you can play hide and seek, which he would soon pick up and with his smelling ability, it wouldn’t take long for him to claim his prize, the treat!

Physical Exercise

Obviously, small dogs require less exercise than the larger breeds, yet every dog should be walked at least twice a day, and if it is possible, he should be allowed off the leash and allowed to run around. Socialising with other dogs is all part of growing up, and if you have a local park that allows dogs, this can be his main playground. The main cause of bad behaviour in dogs is lack of exercise, so make sure he gets his daily outings to a suitable venue. If you have an outdoor lifestyle, your dog will fit right in, but if you don’t go out much, this could affect your dog, so make sure he gets out as much as possible. Lead training should begin from day one, as it is essential that you are always in control when you are out, and he must accept that it is time to go home, which can be a problem for an energetic puppy.


Your dog should have his own toys, which he will likely keep on his bed, and whenever he feels bored, he has his play things to keep him engaged. Your dog must have his own personal space, which could be in the kitchen or a corner of the living room, which will give him a feeling of security, and with dogs, territory is an important thing.

Seeking Professional Help

If your dog is badly behaved or seems disinterested, it might be due to a number of things, which include boredom, and if you can’t affect an improvement, you should seek professional help. There are doggie groups everywhere, so puppy training classes are not hard to find, and once an expert has viewed you and your dog together, they would likely be able to pinpoint the cause of the issue.

If your dog can experience a change of environment on a daily basis and is getting enough exercise, he should be a well-balanced pet and a great family companion.

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