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Caring For Cats in a Small Apartment

Cats by nature are inquisitive, curious and nosy as well like to be perched up high. All of those uniquely catty attributes require a spacious landscape. What do you do when all you have is a small apartment to accommodate your cat? With the current state of the economy many people have to downsize or relocate due to mortgage arrears and or financial set backs.

Many loyal furry friends all across America have to adjust to a new and smaller reality. Relocating can be an uncomfortable experience for your entire family and that includes your family pet. To help you during your transition or if you have already relocated, there are ways of caring for cats in a small apartment that your perfect pet will greatly appreciate.

No matter how beautiful and modern your small apartment may be, it is for certain that your cat is not impressed with the square footage. A simple toy found at any local grocery store or pet store can occupy a lot of your cat’s time. Another advantage of getting a toy for your cat is; it can provide your pet with the opportunity of much needed exercise. As, your cat runs tirelessly around in circles enjoying their cat and mouse mind play, your cat will begin to forget all about their small playing grounds. When deciding to purchase a toy for your feline, always consider the possible noise, danger and messy havoc the toy can have in your life. Do not get a toy that is too loud, potentially dangerous for your cat or you, or that may cause damage to your home. Be careful and cautious when picking that perfect toy for your kitty.

A comforting gesture towards your cat is to build your cat their very own personal cat space. A cat space can be built in any cozy area near the location in your apartment you most frequent. The cat space should include a puffy and wide pillow or small comfortable pet bed. To add a personal flair you can drape or lay a piece of your clothing on or near the pet bed or pillow. Your clothing can be a small shirt or scarf, anything small and petite that carries your scent will do. Your cat will be comforted by recognizing your scent and assume that they still control the environment where you most dwell.

Cats love to endlessly look out of a bright window. If you are currently looking for a new apartment for you and your cat, this may be a suggestion you may want to consider. Cats with their inquisitive and nosy disposition must experience a feeling of euphoric Utopia looking out of a window. All the vivid colors, distinct moving creatures and large moving objects entertain the curious mind of a cat. With some creativity and love, caring for cats in a small apartment can be fun and possibly form an even stronger bond between you two.

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