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Homeopathic Remedies For Dogs With Arthritis

You might have noticed your dog aging and as a result, slowing down. The once hyperactivedog becomes lazy and lame. Favorite games turn into forced activities. As your dog ages, what once used to be second nature now becomes an effort. Though, you will be relieved to know that you can ease your dog’s pain. Arthritis is common in old age dogs, due to wear and tear. But it can also be found in younger dogs due to injury or improper development of muscles.Homeopathic remedies for dogs with arthritis is one of the common methods of treatments and is certainly effective as well.

Arthritis is a condition where joints get swollen and painful, your dog can find trouble in the running and getting up, become quieter and grumpy than usual and lazing around a lot and refraining from jumps and stairs. These symptoms are a sign for you to talk to your vet, and take care of them with the medication prescribed, if any.

Mediation for Arthritis in dogs care consists of anti-inflammatory drugs, pain relievers,and joint supplements. As in the case of us, medicines and steroids have side effects too. In that case, certain homeopathic remedies have proven to be work wonders; Homeopathy involves using natural ingredients to help the body heal effectively, without the crazy side effects of Anti Inflammatory drugs. Homeopathy is fun to use,and the fact that it works so very well with so many medical problems makes it all the more rewarding.

Homeopathic remedies for dogs with arthritisthat can be comforting and helpful for your dog’s painful joints are as below:

  • Arnica– one of the best options for common pain, stiffness caused by overexertion, musculoskeletal injuries and soreness as well.
  • Heparsulfur– is brilliant to treat sore abscesses any place on the body and painful infestedon anal glands.
  • Hypericum– Is an exceptional remedy to be used for pain that is caused due to Nerve Damage or and related injuries to the area with nerves. When your dog’s toenail is too short Hypericum can do wonders in treating it.
  • Rhustox– This is one of the general homeopathic remedies for dogs with arthritis, which helps them recover Also used for swollen red eyes, general musculoskeletal injuries, skin itching or skin infections.
  • Ruta– Dogs are prone to injuries around ligaments or tendons, which untreated can cause serious difficulty during arthritis. Ruta is one fantastic remedy that has a factual affinity for the knee which you should immediately use after cruciate or knee injury.

A veterinarian should be recommended for any other homeopathic remedies for arthritis. He can address symptoms that are affecting your dog and provide with the unadulterated and precise remedy for your pet. You have to be conscientious and responsible dog owner as well.

Homeopathic medicines, although very effective and rewarding can be tricky to use, consult your homeopathic vet for recommendations, about the prescription and dosage. Some medicines are available as pellets and some in liquid form. Here are some tips on by what method we need to work with homeopathic remedies for dogs.

  1. Homeopathic remedies should not be hidden in food especially as they are meant to melt on the gums. Use the built-in pouch the dog has on the side of their mouth where the pellets can go right in there.
  2. The medicine should be dropped to the dog’s cheek directly from the bottle rather than handling it by your hands.
  3. Whether the medicine is in liquid form or white pellet,it should directly be poured into your pet’s mouth.
  4. Homeopathy medicines are believed to be energy remedies,and it should be avoided from electromagnetic appliances or even should be kept far away from Sun.

Take care of all the above mentioned homeopathic remedies for dogs with arthritis to slow down the pace of your dog’s arthritis, be patient with your dog, help it around and support your dog all the time. Take care of your dog’s diet, eliminate processed food and add fatty food rich in omega-3, give your regular dog massages and keep him moving with moderate exercise and walks. There is no guaranteed cure for arthritis, but dog arthritis treatment can slow down the progression of the disease and comfort your dog in his painful days.

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