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How to Get Dog Hair Out Of Carpet

Animal lovers are often faced with the prospect of per hair removal on their furniture and carpeting. It is a small inconvenience that must be dealt with now and again. Somehow, dog lovers do not mind the muddy paw prints or slobbery kisses they are exposed to. However, it is a whole different story finding effective ways to get dog hair out of a carpet.

It doesn’t matter how regularly you use the vacuum, your efforts seem to be in vain when trying to remove dog hair from your carpets. Most vacuums are not designed to pull up pet hair that often accumulates in your carpeting.

It will be a real blessing if there was a quick method for taking care of this task. Some swear by natural methods while others would utilize modern tools for picking up loose pet hair.

Natural Methods for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

One can always clean up dog hair using baking soda. Not only is it great for pulling dog hair out of your carpet, but it leaves a pleasant smell. All you need to perform this task is a good vacuum and a box of baking soda. The cleaning method involves applying the baking soda all over your carpet area where the pet hair can be seen and leaving it in for a couple of minutes. Then, it is a case of vacuuming the area thoroughly and you are done.

Useful Tips for Removing Dog Hair from Your Carpet

When you have a dog you must be thorough in your cleaning efforts, especially if you have little ones. Your home must be safe and hygienically clean to ensure a healthy environment.

Dogs are known for shedding fur regularly. If you have a puppy you’re training, then you will have to put up with dried urine on your upholstery and carpeting. If this is the case, then you would do well to hire a professional carpet cleaner to ensure any dirt or mess is thoroughly removed.

While a household vacuum cleaner is great for getting dog hair out of your carpeting, the small and hard to reach areas can be cleaned using the best vacuum for pet hair.

Make Use of Dog-Friendly Ways to Get Rid of Hair

Just like our kids, our dogs rely on us for their safety. They are also exposed to harmful household chemicals and vulnerable to side effects. They are closer to the ground and will absorb the toxins easier. Many of the cleaning products used on carpeting prove to be detrimental to their health.

You can solve the issue by switching to organic products that consist of natural ingredients. These are harmless and safe for humans and pets while also effective for cleaning your carpets and other areas of the home.

The Importance of Using Powerful Carpet Cleaners to Remove Dog Hair

If your pets are privileged enough to roam around freely in your home, then it is important to ensure your abode is healthy and safe for all concerned. While dog hair is usually easy to detect, there are other debris embedded in your carpet that cannot be detected.

One can make a huge difference in how clean your carpets are by using the best carpet cleaners that are suitable for getting rid of dog hair. Take the necessary care by researching properly before choosing your vacuum.

Some of the best choices are either an upright vacuum or a turbo head vacuum. These are usually sufficient for removing loose pet hair from your carpeting. Be sure to use the right vacuum head if you intend cleaning your upholstery.

Carpets need to be cleaned at least once a year using a hot water extraction vacuum to ensure your carpeting is hygienically clean.

Tools That Prove Their Worth for Getting Dog Hair Out of Your Carpet

There are a host of very useful tools to assist with the task of getting dog hair out of carpet, such as:

  • Squeegee that you can push along the carpeting to help loosen pet hair so it’s easier to vacuum these.
  • Carpet rake and powerful suction vacuum for removing pet hair from a Berber carpet. Rubber brooms come in quite handy to de-hair carpeting in your living room area. The long handle eases the task of working the dog hair out of your carpet.
  • New vacuum cleaner such as the Dyson Animal model that is specifically designed to remove stubborn pet hair from carpeting.
  • Rubber gloves and your hands if you have enough time and the energy to move it along the carpeting to help remove pet hair. Who would have thought that a regular household rubber glove can be used as a removal tool for dog hair?
  • Have you thought of rubbing a balloon all along your carpeting? It creates a static effect that will pull dog hair out of your carpet.

In most cases, it is the carpet fibers that make it hard to get rid of pet hair. If all else fails where none of the methods suggested work, then you need to look at hiring a professional carpet cleaner.

Ways to Avoid Repetitive Vacuuming to Get Dog Hair Out of Carpet

To own a dog is hard work, especially if you are very busy. You need to vacuum often, which proves to be tiring as you have to repeatedly vacuum the same area. It involves even more work once the pet hair got embedded into the carpeting.

Fortunately, there is a unique way that serves as a complementary method when you are short of time. What you can do is to attach a squeegee to an old broom or mop. As long as you ensure the rubber strip is still firm as you need to regularly run the squeegee over your carpet. Be sure to make use of a sweeping motion when you do this as if you’re busy brushing your floor. This way, the pet hairs will form a ball, making it a lot easier to discard into a bin.

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