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How to ship a pitbull?

Whenever you plan to travel with your Pitbull dog, you might face breed discrimination because of it’s size, weight and nature. Therefore, the shipping process becomes difficult to many extent. So, it is necessary to be aware of certain breed related legislatives to avoid the possible issues that might be faced while shipping or traveling with a Pitbull or some other large breed dogs.

If you are planning to move your Pitty boy across the country or just to take it for a vet meet, any kind of big four wheeler is enough to accomplish your job. But in case you are thinking of transferring your Pitbull to the cross country, air transport is the most recommended option you can rely on with your eyes closed. Though, there may be travel barred for big canine buddies like Pitbull, but according to Feds, nowadays, many of the airlines have started allowing big breed dogs to take with them for rides.

Shipping big breed animals requires advanced planning and adequate precautions. So, in this article we will focus on some of the prior predicaments that would help you to make an uninterrupted and safe travel plan for your Pitbull.

Guidelines for ground shipping

  • Public transport

It is always suggested by pet experts to choose a ground transportation process while shipping large animals. This is the easiest and comfortable way of shipping for both you and your big canine kid. Though it is not really an issue to ship them from one place to another on land if you have a big gear, the problem arises when you need to ride public transport to go somewhere along with your dog. As you can’t control your dog’s aggressive behaviour in a jostled up place, it is better to make your dog muzzled when you are taking it to a public place.

  • Rental vehicles

If you hire a rental car and also take your big doggo with you, your very first duty is to contact the certain rental company about their pet carrying policies. Otherwise, in case your dog makes any nuisance like chewing the upholstery, peeing or pooping inside the rental car, you may have to pay a large penalty for that. Better to keep your Pitbull into a sturdy and spacious carrier while traveling by a rental car.

Long distance car shipping

For taking your Pitbull to a long distance move, you must train it from its earlier age. Practicing the same over and over would make the animal comfortable to the process. Before making the big move take your dog to a licensed vet for check up and vaccination. Make the immunization done (if required). Also, ask for the medical documents signed by that accredited vet. Keep all other road permits and endorsements in your pet’s travel kit while shipping.

Keep your canine kid into a large and well-ventilated travel crate and place that to the backseat of your car with buckled up by the car seat belt. If you want to ship it unclosed, use a pet barrier to the back portion or trunk portion of your car, so that it can’t come to you and distract you while driving.

Steps for air transportation

Transporting your Pitbull by air can be complicated as most of the airlines don’t allow big breeds inside the flight cabin. The size and nature of your dog would be a great barring. Only in special cases like service animals or emotional support animals are allowed to enter into the plane cabin. You will need a registered certificate to avail that facility.

The USDA has some certain regulations regarding transportation of big animals by air. Along with that different airlines also have different rules and additional pet shipping protocols.

Book your travel tickets in advance as airlines have limitations in the number of pet shipments. All the reservation related jobs should be done at least 15 days before traveling, yet airlines have the right to hold your ride even after confirmation in case of weather extremes, wrong flight crates, aggressive behaviour of your doggo etc.

According to USDA’s rule the pet shouldn’t be fed immediately before boarding. It is advised to feed it at least 3 to 4 hours before departure. Also don’t make it drink much as it may cause too much littering. Give it wet food and ice cubes instead of dry supplements and direct liquid while flying.

Avoid tranquilizers to your pet and give it pheromones or Zylkene to keep it calm and confined through the journey.

If you are shipping your Pitbull as a cargo hold, never forget to stick “Live Animal” stickers to its crate and navigate the top portion with arrows. The carrier must be well air-circulated and large as per your pet’s size.

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