Pet Care

Is Your Doggy a Bit Frowsy?

If your dog needs grooming, you should have it groomed to keep your canine friend healthy and looking its best. Regular grooming makes it possible for your dog to feel better and happier. Not only does grooming improve your dog’s appearance but it also makes him a healthier pet.

Some of the Services

Let the best dog grooming services in Plymouth take care of any and all of your pet’s grooming needs. When selecting a groomer, it is best to look at its price list to get an idea about what services the groomer offers. You can find this information on the groomer’s website online. Some of the major series offered by groomers include the following:

  • A full groom
  • Bath and dry, which does not include clipping
  • Handstripping
  • Extras such as fringe trims, ear cleaning, and rear end trimming

All Types of Dog Breeds

A full-service groomer handles various breeds of dogs from tiny dogs such as chihuahuas to large dogs such as boxers. Many of the prices that are charge are based on a dog’s coat type, how often the dog is groomed, and the dog’s temperament. Therefore, keep these factors in mind when you are requisitioning grooming services for your dog.

Dogs may feel nervous about grooming if they are not groomed often. This can happen to dogs that have shorter coats and usually do not need as much grooming as longer-haired dogs. To calm the dog, you just need to pet it when it is undergoing a trim. Just talk to the groomer if you expect any difficulties along these lines.

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