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Looking After Your Horse: What You May Need To Consider

Having a horse is a great responsibility, even much greater than having a fish, a dog, a cat or any other type of pet. The horses are big, strong and resilient animals that can act as great companions if you give them the care they need. Taking care of a horse is not an easy task. For starters, the horse needs a proper place to live and an exercise area, and both areas will require regular cleaning.

If you are finding it hard to choose the right method to take care of your horse then it is important to consider below-mentioned points carefully to keep your horse healthy and strong.

A Stable Place To Rest

The shelter (stable) of your horse is very important to sleep and protect them from inclement weather, such as wind, rain, sun and more environmental conditions. A typical three-sided shed is usually enough, as long as it is large and allows the horse to fit without any problem.


Horses are grazing animals, which means that they are used to eating small amounts of food throughout the day. Make sure there is the availability of constant supply of fresh water as they drink between 15 and 35 litres of water a day.


Cleaning is very important when it comes to maintaining a horse. Bathing them every time is necessary; the frequency will depend on the physical exercise your horse has undergone otherwise once a week to remove all the dirt is necessary to keep them away from any sort of disease.

Rug Your Horse

To save your horse from harsh cold weather it is very important to have rugs for them. Basically they are made to give complete comfort to your horse. Having stable rugs for your horse is an essential part of their healthy living especially in cold areas. These insulating blankets can be used as a lining for additional warmth.

Helmet Care And Maintenance

Cleaning the horse’s hooves once a day is very important as hooves are one of the most sensitive and important parts of a horse and one must keep them completely healthy. Hooves require continuous cleaning so it is important to clean them once a day. Remember to do it very carefully with a specific hook and brush which don’t hurt your horse. We are using the word careful because in case you hurt him, he could react with a kick and do you a lot of damage. Got the idea?

Having a horse can be bliss in the form of a great partner or best friend and who doesn’t like to care for their partner. With the aforementioned points, you can easily perform the basic tasks of caring for your horse well.

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