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Puppy Store Near Me: Things to Know When Raising a Puppy

Puppies are very adorable, but let us face it – raising one is full of challenges. If you have never owned a puppy before, the task seems to be daunting, and once they show you their puppy eyes, it will capture your eyes and melt your heart, and there is no turning back. Listed below are some tips that can help future pet owners get through the pup development stage and make sure that their new furry baby grows up into a healthy, well-adjusted, and happy dog.

Things to consider when raising a pup

Pups are a little bundle of joy and energy which are very curious about their environment and surroundings. Life with puppies is not that different from living with a toddler. In essence, owners will need patience as they watch over the pups to keep them out of trouble, safely teach them about their surroundings, and instruct the little ones an appropriate behavior.

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Fortunately, pups sleep a lot, although they do not always sleep during the night, and they may wake up everyone inside the house barking and whining to express their displeasure when they’re alone. Pups also chew a lot when their adult teeth come in.

You might see the dog teether in the living room, the couch, or your favorite flip-flops chewed out. If you get frustrated with your furry pet, it is imperative to know that the task of raising one is temporary. They will be all grown up when their first birthday comes, and they’ll leave most of their pup tendencies behind as they settle into adulthood.

If pet owners just got a pup or are planning to pick one, make sure to be prepared for the new responsibility. It means taking a lot of time out of work or school schedule to tend to the pup’s needs. So, if you are thinking of getting one, it’s a good idea to do it when you have a lot of free time on your hand.

It will allow owners to let them go out of the house to do their business regularly, as well as check and monitor behaviors that they might show when they are not at home. For more information about this topic, you can simply research everything from the Internet. You can search “puppy store near me” and ask them for tips and tricks in raising puppies.

Pet-proofing your house

It is close to impossible to give constant supervision for your curious and energetic puppies, so it is crucial to prepare your house before letting the furry ones loose in it. Owners need to secure electrical cords, as well as move potentially toxic substances or plants, like insecticides and cleaning supplies, out of the puppy’s reach.

It is a great idea to crawl through the house to get a pup’s-eye view of their surroundings. Remove things they might swallow or chew and close every vent, pet doors, and other openings that may allow the little pups stuck or get out of the house. Not only will it keep the puppies safe, but it will also help ease the owner’s anxiety that the new puppies are lost.

Pet owners need to be ready to start home training the puppies as soon as the pups arrive at the house. Of the owner’s plan to crate train their pets, make sure that the crates are ready to use. Make it a lot more comfortable for them by lining the containers with dog beds or blankets, but you have to make sure it is large enough that they’ll have a lot of room to stand up, lie down and turn around.

Slowly introduce the puppies to the crate by leaving it open and letting the pup explore it by itself. Help the pup by tempting them to go in by throwing in a piece of food or some toys. The more comfortable the puppies are with going inside the crate, the easier it will be on the pup and the owner during training.

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If you are going with the container, prepare a space like a powder room or a corner of the laundry room or kitchen, where they can be confined and kept away from small children and other pets. Make sure to give them training pads to avoid any accidents.

Also include a dog bed, the pup’s water, and food dishes, as well as a toy or two. This area of the house will serve as the puppy’s safe space from which they can slowly introduce themselves to other members of the family living inside the house. The crate will provide a safe place or a retreat when the pup needs a time out or becomes overwhelmed by their new environment.

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