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Purina Beta Dog Food With High Meat Content

Many dog owners often ask themselves, what dog food is the best for their pets and how healthy their pet’s pet bowl is. On the market there are countless vendors and there to filter the right falls most heavily. For 30 years, I’m a dog owner and have devoted myself for the past 15 years the greyhounds. The Greyhounds – as top athletes among dogs – ask after my experiences with dog food special demands on their feed, since they have high energy consumption and particularly need a high meat and fat in the diet. Therefore I test 3 Premium foods, all of which promise a high meat and fat content according to specifications.

Let us first look at the ingredients a little more closely:

Purina beta dog food ingredients include animal based raw materials that include beef, chicken, fish and lamb, some high fiber vegetables, cereals, vitamins and minerals. Fresh chicken meat (70%), broken rice, chicken fat, corn (GMO-free), poultry meal, hydrolyzed poultry meat, sugar beet molasses, dried apple pulp, salmon oil, cold pressed flaxseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, green-lipped mussel extract, milk thistle seeds, dried fennel, Sarsaparilla root, dried celery, dried artichoke , nasturtium, chamomile tea extract, dandelion, gentian powder, yucca, potassium chloride. And vitamins, pro-vitamins and similar substances, trace elements or compounds of trace elements.

Purina beta dog food for adult dogs – Analytical constituents

Crude protein – 26%, crude fiber – 2.0%, crude fat – 16.0%, Calcium – 1.5%, crude ash – 6.9%, phosphorus – 1.0% (moisture – natural content) – 18.0 %

At first glance, while analyzing Purina beta dog food the following positive product properties were found:

  • The meat content is very high;
  • The percentage of crude protein and crude fat is significantly higher than in many other providers.
  • Carbohydrates are fed by healthy products such as rice and maize and grain.
  • Many of the ingredients, such as green-lipped mussel extract or fennel act healthy heist promoting. It will only be used cold-pressed oils.
  • The moisture content is given as 18% which you will not get in any other pet food.

The dogs after consuming Purina beta dog food

Purina beta dog food has a pleasant odor and also for meat, the real nature of the feed fishy odor is strong in the foreground. The chunks of Purina beta dog food are flat and rectangular so that pet can easily pick it up.

The reason why I specifically insisting to buy Purina beta dog food because it was the #1 recommendation to me by my near and dear ones for my pet. In my opinion, you should always accurately compare the ingredients and should never rely on the packaging or advertising slogans. Purina beta dog food is strictly recommended by Veterinary physician to make your dogs active and healthy. Puppies and dogs who are not as active, or intolerant, you should of course choose the most suitable variety of Purina beta pet feed and adjust the amount of feed accordingly.

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