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The New and Better Way to Get Your Pet Groomed and Trimmed

If you have a pet dog that is long haired or has hair that needs to be groomed often, you probably already know how anxious your pet gets when taking the pet to the groomer. Plus, you usually must leave your pet all day and picking up the animal after work. So, they have other dogs, other groomers as well as a new place to make him scared for the entire time your pet is there. But someone got smart and now there is a solution to all of this.


Grooming in Las Vegas has developed a fairly new system and that is when we first learned about this. This is mobile groomers which takes all the stress from the pet and from you. I even have mobile groomers near me.

Benefit for our pet

Now our pet doesn’t get all worked up about getting groomed and doesn’t have to deal with several other animals in the same cages together. And yes, our pet might get anxious during the bath but that is better than being anxious and scared the entire day. The current one that we use now has a new modern, fully equipped van that comes with all the tools they need to fully service any pet’s grooming requirements.


They offer a bath that is luxury and trim service just right at your door, and this puts more importance on the health, comfort, and safety of your pet. And I must admit; it is a lot better on me also. They work 7 days a week, as well as in the evening, so I can get an appointment time when I know that someone from my family will always be home.


There are so many benefits so here are a few you might not have thought about:

  • So much less stressful for both you and your pet;
  • One on one personal care and attention;
  • No cages – so warm hand air drying is used with no more in a cage;
  • No use of tranquilizers (for the pet – I still use them);;
  • Only takes about an hour;
  • Perfect for cats, senior pets, puppies and dogs that has hair that needs a lot of grooming;
  • You can stay with the pet to eliminate any separation anxiety on either you or your dog.

It’s just a wonderful and special way to treat this special member of your family.

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