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Why Pig farming equipment is essential for breeding healthy pigs

A lot of pig farming owners use the basic infrastructure to raise homegrown pigs. Apart from the necessary shelter, fencing, and container to hold water provided in the farms, generally, farmers do not want to spend extra on the pig farming equipment.

However, it is good to have some necessary equipment’s around in a pig farm as it helps in the overall management of the farm.

Some of the equipment’s one can have at their disposal for better and healthy pig rearing.

  1. Automatic feeding machine

Using a mineral feeder cuts down on waste. They are designed to supply pre-determined quantity of food. Pigs can eat what they need while the feeder protects the supplement from wet weather or tipping over. You can place the mineral feeders on the ground, or mount on the wall or fence.

  1. An adequate water supply system

A lot of fresh water is required to keep the animals cool. Farmers can customize the watering system according to their requirement. Controlling the flow of water farmers may check the water consumption to save their water expenses.

  1. Heating apparatus for protection

Weather can be unpredictable. Having heating lamps helps piglets to survive cold weather. Heating lamps are the most commonly used apparatus used in any pig farm as every pig farmer can afford it. However, one must be careful regarding the safety of the piglets is concerned as the dry straw in barns and sheds can catch on fire if the lamp falls to the ground. There are newer heat lamp fixtures on the market that have better safety cages around the heat bulb.

  1. Drenching Gun

It is prudent to have medical first aid equipment in a homestead as in case of an emergency one can use it instead of running around to purchase one. If the veterinarian recommends medication for your pig, a drenching gun will come in handy during that moment.

  1. Cleaning system

Cleaning the farm often is essential for general hygiene. The pens get messy regularly and increases the risk of spreading infectious disease in the farm and particularly harmful for employees to handles the pigs. You need a high-pressure cleaning system that removes the washes impurities and protects against respiratory infections.

These five types of pig equipment will help and assist you in rearing the pigs in the farm in a more organized manner.

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