Pet Insurance

Why Your Pet Needs Health Insurance

Pet insurance is of great importance for the health of your pet. The initial reason for the appearance of pet insurance was to make sure that all of the high costs for the health care of pets could be covered, but nowadays, it has finally evolved and can offer basically everything that your pet needs – from normal care to advertisements when someone loses one of his/her pets. You can easily choose all the types of insurance that you want to pay for. You have an option to pay monthly or pay for a longer type of insurance for your pet. When you pay for pet insurance, you are not going to have to go through the touch decision of choosing if you’d go with putting your loved one to sleep or economic euthanasia.

The policies for this type of insurance charge each month, a premium that in some cases is quite low, about 10 dollars on a monthly basis, but can go high to 250 dollars on a monthly basis, depending on the insurance and some of them most important factors regarding your pet – the age and the type of the pet, your pet’s breed, the living location etc.

The companies that work with this type of insurance have different age limitation when it comes to enrolling your pet. Most of them start when your pet is six to eight weeks old. The upper limits can range, mostly anywhere from six years and more. However, there are companies that do not have any age limits.

Comparing pet insurance can help you choose the one type of health insurance for your pet that you prefer. The Embrace company offers a monthly premium for the low coverage type of insurance that will cost 12.17 dollars, with 70% reimbursement, an annual deductible of 1000 dollars and an annual limit of 5.000 dollars, alongside drug treatment rider. The monthly premium when it comes to comprehensive coverage has a higher price, around 88.78 dollars. This company offers an affordable health insurance for your pet. On the other hand, we have the Healthy Paws insurance, which has been rated as the best among all of the other insurance policies for many years. This insurance’s monthly premium for the low coverage costs 20.45 dollars, without any annual limits, and with 70% reimbursement and around 500 dollars deductible. The monthly premium for comprehensive coverage is exactly 35.55 dollars. Some of the other policies that we can use for comparing pet insurance are Nationwide and Pets Best. Nationwide offers a monthly premium for low coverage that costs 33.22 dollars and a monthly premium for comprehensive coverage that costs 65.66 dollars. Pets Best might be a bit cheaper (13.87 dollars for low coverage on a monthly basis and 43.67 dollars for comprehensive coverage), but there are some things which are not covered with the insurance, such as prosthetics or care during pregnancy for your pet.

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